Each test report is the product of so much more.

The people are as important as the science.

Global Connections

Customers rely on our expertise in DNA testing worldwide, thanks mostly to a dedicated network of resellers that have placed their trust in our lab capabilities. Along with family relationship testing, we specialize in forensic DNA analysis and offer consulting services by reasonable request.

Humble Culture

Our company headquarters are located in the Allegheny Mountain region of Western Pennsylvania. There is an honest, hard-working mentality here that has helped shape the way we do business. We focus on a service-first approach to satisfying the needs of our clients and loyal business partners.

Privacy Promise

We respect the privacy of our customers and have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that all personal information remains safe, secure, and 100% confidential. This holds true for each document, physical specimen, and electronic record present throughout our entire DNA testing process.

AABB accreditation is tops in our industry.

American Association of Blood Banks

This is the gold standard in DNA relationship testing. We are fully committed to following AABB accredited laboratory procedures, which offer an unmatched level of quality and confidence to those relying on our testing services.

College of American Pathologists

In order to verify accurate DNA reporting, we voluntarily undergo random proficiency testing on an annual basis. We elect to participate in CAP testing protocols to help validate our quality system and maintain AABB accreditation.

We are committed to service at every level.

As a DNA testing provider, we are uniquely positioned to influence the lives of the people we serve. This holds true for customers and business partners alike. The level of quality we demonstrate in our approach to client care should always mimic that of our accredited DNA testing process. I personally look forward to the opportunity for our dedicated staff to exceed your expectations of service.

- Julie Cramer, President & CEO

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