Our partners deliver world-class DNA services.

Demand is on the rise for DNA relationship testing.

Whether you have experience selling DNA services or are looking to add a new revenue stream to your existing business, we would love to work with you and share in this exciting growth opportunity.

Reseller Network

We help serve markets across the globe by partnering with companies that sell DNA relationship testing services to their customers. DNA samples are shipped to us for laboratory analysis, and we produce the official test reports.

Lab Credentials

There is a clear expectation that customers receive accurate and reliable DNA test results, each and every time. As an AABB accredited DNA laboratory, we are committed to the highest level of quality available in our industry.


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Upon joining our reseller network, you will automatically receive an assortment of useful benefits tailored to satisfy the needs of your growing business.

Most Attractive Pricing Strategy Around

Our business partners receive confidential bulk pricing on DNA samples submitted for lab analysis.

Advanced Accuracy with More Markers

We test 40+ DNA markers, which is over 175% more than other DNA labs.

Live Staff on Hand to Answer Your Calls

Yes, we really mean it. Your time is far too precious to be spent dealing with an automated phone attendant.

Friendly Service and Expert DNA Advice

Your success is pivotal to ours. We strive to offer the assistance you need as effectively as possible.

Collection Supplies Sent Free of Charge

We provide all of your DNA collection kits, forms, and materials at no cost. International shipping rates apply.

Typical Turnaround of 1-3 Business Days

Based on lab data, more than 90% of our test cases are complete within the first 2 days of DNA processing.

We specialize in a variety of DNA testing options. Please go to Lab Services to learn more.

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.

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DNA Collection

We rely on qualified collectors, both in the United States and abroad, to secure DNA samples on our behalf. If you feel that your company belongs in our collection site database, please let us know.

Lab Contracts

We are always on the lookout for DNA testing contracts that align well with our service offerings. Please highlight the intent of your contract, and we will explore the possibility of submitting a bid.

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