Lab Services

We use DNA to lead family members to the truth.

Our lab methods exceed relationship testing standards and offer unparalleled accuracy in DNA reporting.

We test 40+ DNA markers, which is over 175% more than other DNA labs.


This test will determine, with indisputable accuracy, if a man is the true biological father of a child.


This test will determine the likelihood of two people being full siblings, half siblings, or unrelated.


This test will determine the likelihood of a grandparent being related to a grandchild.

Aunt / Uncle

This test will determine the likelihood of an aunt/uncle being related to a niece or nephew.


This test will determine, with indisputable accuracy, if a woman is the true biological mother of a child.


This test will determine whether siblings are identical or fraternal twins.


This test will determine whether two males share the same paternal lineage.


This test will produce a genetic profile to illustrate the biological DNA structure of one person.

We take customer privacy very seriously and have built safeguards into every step of our DNA testing process. All sensitive personal information will be kept secure and treated as strictly confidential by our team of laboratory professionals.

We put forensics in our name for good reason.

Our expert laboratory staff offers a cutting edge mix of forensic DNA services.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Are there suspicions of a cheating spouse or partner? This test will determine if DNA exists on an article of evidence, and whether that profile matches a known reference sample.

Disaster Victim Identification

The occurrence of a natural disaster or criminal attack can sometimes lead to tragic losses of life. We help identify the bodies of disaster victims through forensic DNA analysis.

Non-Standard Sample Processing

Along with standard mouth swabs, our laboratory tests human blood, tooth, bone and tissue samples. We are also proficient in extracting DNA from an assortment of physical items.
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