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Maternity24 DNA Test

This test will determine, with indisputable accuracy, if a woman is the true biological mother of a child. DNA from the father will reinforce the statistical outcome in most cases, but it is typically not required to produce a conclusive result.

Test Participants – $129.00 base price

Please select your test option based on participants available for DNA sampling. (Required)

Additional Participants – $70.00/person (Optional)

There will be an additional charge to include someone later on, once your purchase is complete. If you have questions or need help customizing your DNA test, please feel free to give us a call.

Collection Method - Make Your Own Kit

This method produces the same scientific accuracy as any store-bought or lab-furnished kit.

Our DNA collection process offers the fastest path to answering your important family relationship questions. You can utilize common household materials, ship from one or multiple locations, and complete the necessary steps at your convenience.

Collection instructions can be found here and will be included to the confirmation email after checkout.

Example: Item quantities will vary based on the number of people being tested.

DNA Collection Terms